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The Perfect Trifecta: IC, IT, and HR with Natalie Guzman - 3.1

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Season 3 Premiere of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast features Natalie Guzman, Senior Vice President of Internal Communications for Fifth Third Bank and her insights on how to create the perfect trifecta between IC, IT, and HR.  In this day and age, we’re more connected than ever, yet can still feel pretty distant. Getting on the same page can seem like a daunting task.  As much as we’d wish for communication to be flawless, when different departments get involved, it can be hard to stay on the same page. Different technical terms and ideas may get thrown from all sides, leaving you lost in the middle questioning how to connect everything.  How can you as an internal communicator make that connection with other departments and become a strategic partner within your company? In this episode, Natalie shares how to capitalize on the common denominator that lies between IC, IT, and HR:  modernizing the employee experience.

Need a helpful reminder on how to create the perfect trifecta among your IT and HR departments? Download our free cheat sheet with useful tips from Natalie.

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