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Giving a Presentation

The ICPro Backstory

Rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio, ICPro was born out of a passion to create high-value learning and listening experiences for an undervalued profession.

Customers from the internal comms software platform, Cerkl Broadcast, needed high-level programming and education as they continued to accelerate their strategies, tactics and professional credibility within their organizations. After a series of highly attended events, the Internal Comms Pro Collective was born and has continued its growth to a global audience.
ICPro Today

Due to the ever-changing challenges and the increasing demand of employees insisting on a premiere employee experience, internal comms pros need a safe place to navigate through the art and science of this world.  
The science speaks to the needed data, analytics, tools, content, etc. But there is another side, the art - which includes all the nuances and unspoken rules to gain influence within your organization and drive value.    
Our podcast provides a high-end listening experience and home designed to empower internal communicators to exchange ideas, stay current on the latest best practices, and collectively raise the entire internal comms profession's value. 

Validating the complexity of the challenges that internal communicators face, we bring your colleagues' and experts' work out of the shadows -  shining a light on your true worth as an invaluable strategist and influencer within your company.
The Internal Comms Pro community has quickly grown an engaged global audience and is supported by various partners and sponsors.  As a result, our collective provides FREE resources to curious and driven internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work.
By keeping its ear and heart close to internal communication pros, ICPro not only saves valuable time by uncovering the best of the best but is in tune with how to choreograph a sustainable journey to elevate your comms empathetically.

How can we be a better resource for you? Let us know!

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