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The ICPro Story

ICPro began in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is rooted in passion,  technology, and innovation. 


Several internal communicators using the software Cerkl, quickly enhanced their internal communications using analytics needed to measure their ROI.   Now positioned as invaluable strategists, these internal communicators uncovered a need for up-to-date, relevant programming with free resources, best practices, and a way to collaborate with one another outside of the Cerkl tool. 


Capitalizing on her passion for leadership, inspiring events, and creating high-value experiences for an undervalued profession, Sara Jackson (formally with Cerkl) now leads Internal Comms Pro full-time.


She and her team are furiously passionate to provide a high-end home for internal communicators to exchange ideas, stay current on the latest best practices, and ultimately raise the value of the entire profession.


The Internal Comms Pro community has grown and is supported by an array of sponsors to provide FREE resources to curious internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work.


By keeping its ear and heart close to internal communicators, ICPro brings together the best in the industry to tackle the biggest challenges facing internal communicators today.

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