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Swapping Corporate for Creative Communications - 7.9

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Within the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot in terms of what makes a company run smoothly in 2022. And while a lot of what we’ve covered this season may sound familiar to you, we’ve actually discovered yet another new angle to consider.

Our guests for this week’s episode are no strangers to Internal Comms Pro. Steve and Cindy Crescenzo have been podcast guests for several seasons. Returning listeners will definitely remember their chemistry as they share their work with Crescenzo Communications, a consulting firm for communicators. Today, Steve and Cindy share their latest discoveries and how you might need to say “goodbye” to corporate communications as you know it.


What You'll Learn:

  • 08:58 - Why corporate communications possibly never worked

  • 11:30 - Prove that the old way of working isn't working

  • 22:14 - The benefit of taking risks


Important Links:

  • You can find the transcript for this episode right here.

  • If you would like to see more of Steve and Cindy's services, you can find them on their website.

  • If your work communications need a tune-up, can learn how with these resources.

  • If you're ready to start shifting your communications from corporate to creative, you can get a copy of Steve and Cindy's Creative Writing E-Book right here.

  • If you're interested in how Cerkl Broadcast can help your internal communication needs, you can learn more by heading over here.


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