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Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast Season 3 Trailer

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The landscape is changing for internal communicators and with this change comes uncertainty. Despite how vulnerable we might feel, we continue to open doors, it’s what the Internal Comms Pro, our collective is all about and we are pushing through new doors on Season 3 of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast.

Internal Comms Procast, now Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast, is back with an all new format, topics, and host! Sara Jackson will be traveling to get the latest scoop on internal communications as she shares advice from experts in the field. We'll be covering a variety of topics from making the "perfect trifecta" to how to be an effective storyteller to connecting your work to the business bottom line to taking care of your health while working in IC. We hope this new variety will help professionals and new hires alike in navigating the road of internal communications.

Join us for our first episode on February 25th as we get back on the road and dive into the ever-changing conversation of internal communications. Thanks for listening!

Special thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Cerkl. Learn more about how their employee engagement tool, Broadcast, puts vanity metrics aside and shows the value of internal communications.

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