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How to Make Your Employee Surveys Count with Jo Dodds – 1.2

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Surveys have long been a part of the internal communications landscape. You file them under, ‘Things You Have To Do,’ get them done and move on. But that’s not moving the needle on engagement.

So how do you turn your employee survey project into something that actually moves the needle on employee engagement?

For this episode, we wanted a new perspective on how surveys can help communicators measure and improve employee engagement. We turned our attention across the pond to the growing UK movement, Engage for Success and one of its leaders, Jo Dodds.

In this episode, Jo shares her favorite tips for making your survey count and how to turn your results into real engagement gains.

Jo and her fellow UK employee engagement enthusiasts will be hosting the 2019 Engage for Success Conference in September. For more of Jo’s work, check out her podcast, the Power to Live More.

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