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Internal Comms Pro Value Webinar: Episode #1 - Employee Experience

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Welcome to the Internal Comms Pro Webinar. This short series talks with the experts while celebrating the work that makes you an Internal Communicator Pro.

Employee experience is a subject that’s shifted a lot in the past few years. Employee expectations have changed, and while some companies are taking these changes in stride, others are still figuring out what their next step should be. You yourself and your company may fall anywhere on this spectrum. Wondering what your next steps should be?

Today we’re talking with Advita Patel from Calm Edged Rebels and Jonathan Davies from Happeo. We break down the current state of employee experience and the steps you can take in your company to help make it a good one.


Important Resources:

  • Advita and Jonathan would be more than happy to continue the conversation with you on LinkedIn!

  • Advita with A Leader Like Me is hosting its Diversity in Action conference on November 7-11. Head on over to their website to learn more!

  • A huge thank you as always to our sponsor, Cerkl. If you're interested in how Cerkl Broadcast can help your internal communication needs, you can learn more by heading over here.

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