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Building an IC Team from the Ground Up with Amanda Atkins – 2.5

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Building an internal comms team from the ground up is a massive undertaking. Big decisions to be made, deals to broker, organizational charts to color code. But underpinning that work is the promise that at the end of your well-planned initiative, there will be better engagement and alignment in your organization.

Today on the Internal Comms Procast, we’ll be chatting with Amanda Atkins, the Director of Internal Communications for Slack. Learn how she built an IC team inside a fast-growing software company that specializes in employee collaboration.

Follow Amanda on Twitter @amandaadkins

Special shout out to this episode's sponsor, Cerkl. With their internal communications solution, Broadcast, you can select a plan that works with your organization's size and structure. If your team ever expands or wants to add new channels, Broadcast's plans can grow with you.

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