A.I. in the Workplace with Jason Anthoine – 2.2

Updated: Jun 7

Each time you load the map for your commute, pick a new series on Netflix, load your Instagram feed, or order a new phone case from Amazon, you are interacting with artificial intelligence or A.I.

A.I.’s place in the work world is no longer confined to the halls of giant tech companies or futuristic marketing departments – A.I. is being used, and it’s practice perfected in internal and corporate comms departments around the world.

If figuring out how A.I. can help your organization work smarter keeps getting pushed down the list of objectives, you are not alone. Today on the Internal Comms Procast, we will be chatting with Jason Anthoine, founder of Audacity. Jason will be sharing some ways A.I. can make your internal communications more strategic and personal, along with some handy tips on how to push initiatives through IT, HR, and C-Suite hurdles.

If you want more of Jason’s wisdom, visit his website, ThinkAudacity.com.

You can also enjoy Jason live at our upcoming Rise and Shine Series events. Jason will share the most current strategies, best practices, latest trends, and tools that drive performance.

Special thanks to this episode's sponsor, Cerkl. For information on how Cerkl Broadcast curates and personalizes individual employee newsletters based on interests and positions, click here.

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