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Using your Whole Self to Go Pro in Internal Communications - 3.9

It's our season finale of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast. We hope through this crazy time, we've been able to provide you with moments of clarity and relaxation as you've listened and learned with us over the past view months. We look forward to continuing our show with you next season, starting in August.

To wrap things up, we talk with Communications Director Allison Jackson. Allison shares how she aligned both her personal and professional goals to make the most of them, and how you can discover your own goals and make them work for you. We also feature some inspirational quotes from past guests.

To keep up with Allison, you can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Special thanks to this episode's sponsor, Cerkl. For information on how Cerkl Broadcast can help you show the value of internal communication, click here.

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