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IC is the new it girl - time to wig out

Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite holidays because it's the one day out of the year where I can pour my Halloween-candy self into a pair of fishnet stockings, walk around in public, and nobody is going to say anything.

Knowing this makes this holiday so liberating. You can be yourself and if you want, allow your alter ego to take center stage. In my experience with talking to literally hundreds of internal communicators, I find that most have an inner alter ego screaming to come out.

The good news, it is time. As Elsa would say, "Show yourself, step into your power."

Next week, we'll be releasing our next podcast episode. We are featuring Victoria Dew's research on the new rules of employee comms and experience. My favorite quote from Victoria during the interview was when she said, "Internal Communications (IC) is the new "it girl."

Everyone is wigging out on their value now realized and it (aka YOU) is on full display. So if you are finding that your inner self-worth and confidence hasn't caught up to the reality of your worth, allow me to offer four alter egos to tap into when you are sweating at your next board meeting. Use these like costumes on Halloween - remember now is the time to put on those fishnets and strut your stuff.

The pirate

Ahoy mate. This alter ego is rough, tough, and has been traveling across miles of ocean with limited tools, resources, barely surviving with a few coconuts. Your ingenuity over the years has granted you wisdom and you're conditioned to run circles around everyone in your company striking deals, negotiating partnerships, and getting everyone rowing in the same direction. You keep a tight ship, but aren't afraid to jump ship on a project you know is not working. Hold on to your inner pirate when resources are scarce, particularly when you feel shipwrecked or can't keep your head above water. You've chartered these waters before and the tide is about to turn if you continue to weather the storm.

The innovator

The innovator is an "entrepreneur at heart" and sees opportunities everywhere. You see the pandemic as your moment to show your value, disrupt internal comms, and truly innovate the employee experience. You thrive on the new speed at which you find your company moving. Finally, the messiness of testing, failing, and iterating quickly is something your team embraces and with you at the helm, your vision for a new world is on the horizon. Hold on to your inner innovator when leadership gets wary that things aren't initially working. Lean into your data and findings to teach other departments what you learn from your innovative approaches.

The data geek

When you find yourself being questioned, tap into your inner data geek. This alter ego will empower you with the confidence in KNOWING. IC Pros who have grown close to developing a sustainable measurement methodology show their ROI and as a result, decide their own fate. The CFO is their best bud and this relationship in aligning with their company's bottom line, being aware of their company's hurdle rate, and being comfortable speaking such lingo has given them the backbone needed to take risks and get the resources they need to keep moving.

The new redheaded FAVORITE child

Okay, I'm finally gonna say it, I can't stand it when I hear internal comms refer to themselves as the redheaded stepchild. Why? It is simply not true. Have you ever dyed your hair red or put little red streaks through it? A little red for me is a one-way ticket to confidence and my inner sass. This new redhead resembles a badass boss be-otch that knows his/her sh*t and is kicking ass and taking names. They've done the work, they've learned how to get above the work, be strategic and now they lead. The redhead knows which battles to pick and knows which ones to die on the hill for. IC Pros that embrace their gorgeous redheaded selves cause external marketing to take a second look at their 90's strategies. This alter ego has grown his or her team. Through digging in the trenches they know how to stay above the work, be strategic, and align with business goals that the CEO holds dear. Next time you're called into the CEO's office or called to give the next big presentation in the board room, tap into your redheaded self. Put your shoulders back and hold your chin high, cause baby you've done the work and know the right next step.

Liberate yourself, be yourself - tap into the inner you. You're worthy, you're gorgeous. You've got this.

Which of these do you most identify with? We'd love to know what you're wiggin' out about these days.

Have another alter-ego I'm missing? I'd love to hear from you.

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