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How to Elevate IC at Your Org with Glen Schwartz – 2.6

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Demonstrating the value of your work may not come naturally to you. Perhaps you are so entrenched with executing the tactics to keep your organizational communications afloat that you can’t seem to find the time to design the framework to showcase your skills.

Today on the Internal Comms Procast, we’ll be talking with Glen Schwartz, the Director of Corporate Communications and Events for Dunkin’ Brands. Learn how he helped demonstrate the value of communications by sharing the right information at the right time with the right people. We would like to congratulate Glen on his recognition by “PR Week.” He was named one of their 40 Under 40. Follow Glen on Twitter at @Glen_Schwartz

Special thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Cerkl. Their internal communications platform, Broadcast, helps you measure engagement ROI in real-time with sharable reporting for leadership.

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