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How to Become an Official Member of The Leadership Club - 4.4 Part 2

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Our conversation continues with Cerkl’s CEO, Tarek Kamil. This week, Tarek discusses how internal communicators are at a tipping point in this time of history.

While COVID may have put up a few roadblocks, it has also given some stepping stones for internal communicators. Even if it feels like your company is underwater, this is the time for internal communicators to show their worth. Tune in as Tarek gives listeners strategic questions, key terms, and the critical relationships you need to build to calculate your ROI.

Tune in to the first half of Tarek's interview here.


Need a recap on how to communicate your value? Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to calculate and speak to ROI.

Want to automatically calculate the ROI of your project? Click here for an easy calculator that will generate an accurate ROI for you.

Here is a quick ROI tip sheet on how to calculate ROI, speak ROI, and get above your day-to-day duties to be more strategic. Also, there's this great podcast episode and guide from Season 3 of where Jay Shelton, CFO of One Holland Corporation demystifies ROI and gives key secrets from your finance department.


If you’d like to follow up with Tarek on what we discussed in the podcast today, join us for our live Backstage event where you can ask your question live or submit it here. If you’d like to follow up with Tarek on what we discussed in the podcast today, you can connect with him through LinkedIn and Twitter.


A special thank you to our season’s sponsors: Cerkl and ContactMonkey.

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