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COVID Reshapes IC: How to Remain Relevant with the New Normal - 5.14

You of course want to keep your employees happy while they work within your company, but the reality is that it needs to go much further than that. Do your employees feel like they belong and play an important role within your company? Our latest podcast guests have suggestions for how to create a sense of belonging to your company.

This week, we talk with Steve and Cindy from Crescenzo Communications. They don't sugar coat it as we discuss the steps you might be missing. From looking at your channel strategy to explaining the biggest mistake communicators can make, we'll help you cover all of your bases.


Listeners will learn:

  • 10:35 - The one thing your channel strategy is missing

  • 14:39 - The first step in listening to your audience

  • 16:55 - The biggest mistake communicators make

  • If you enjoyed our conversation with Steve and Cindy and would like to follow up on their services, they offer Communication Tune-Ups! Click on the link to find some quick ways to take a communication pulse check of your team.

  • Our sponsor, Cerkl Broadcast, offers an easy to use suite of tools to help you demonstrate the power of internal comms in your organization. Check them out today to eliminate the dozens of day-to-day stresses internal communicators face.


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Steve and Cindy Crescenzo, you can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Music Provided by Bensound.

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