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Your Company's Brand Story and You - 6.9

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Out of the number of topics we've covered on the show, this may be the first time we've covered branding. This episode focuses on your company's brand, more specifically your company's brand story.

We're chatting with Ben Baker, President of Your Brand Marketing and Podcast Host for Your Living Brand Live Show. Ben has worn many hats and has had the opportunity to see how employees truly affect their company's brand story. We break down how you can uncover the gems that could make up an authentic internal brand story for your company.

We're also continuing our series with Ragan's Communications Leadership Council with Amanda Schoch, Chief Communications Officer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Amanda focuses on how her company's intranet was used to its fullest as it tells the stories the employees want to read.


Episode Highlights:

  • 04:39 - Your brand story is what people truly think about your brand

  • 06:28 - The importance of taking the time to understand where everyone is at in your company

  • 08:01 - Don't assume everyone understands what's going on

  • 11:05 - Understanding your worth as an internal communicator

  • 15:28 - Important questions to consider when developing your company's brand story

  • 28:24 - How to present yourself as valuable to the C-suite


Important Resources:

  • You can find the transcript for this week's episode right here.

  • If you need help telling your company's story, you can connect with Ben through his website here.

  • If you're interested in how Cerkl Broadcast can help your internal communication needs, you can learn more by heading over here.

  • If you'd like to learn more about Ragan's leadership membership, you can find more information here.


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