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When Virtual takes Front Seat: The Strategy Behind a Winning Remote Work Experience. - 4.9 Part 1

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

With things continuing to shift, some companies have made the decision to go completely virtual. The question that always seems to be asked is “How do we help everyone handle this transition?” Our podcast guests share how they tackled this question.

On today’s episode of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast, we talk with Rachel Maley and Emily Regenold from Paycor on how they helped their company shift to a Virtual First Program. Learn how they got comfortable with being uncomfortable as they tackled the big change of going remote. You’ll also learn how you can let go of perfection and embrace the learning process and emotions that come with making change.


Need a breakdown on how to tackle the shift of your company to a remote working environment? We have a guide that lays out the important questions your company should ask as you continue to move forward. You can download the free resource guide here.


If you’d like to talk with our guests about anything we discussed in the podcast, you can connect with Rachel and Emily through LinkedIn.


A special thank you to our season’s sponsors: Cerkl and ContactMonkey.

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