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Transparency for Frontline Workers: The Four Pillar Communication Formula - 5.5

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Whether you've been sending messages for years or just starting out, we can all fall into the rut of wondering if our communication from leadership is effective. Is it reaching the people we want and are they truly understanding the information we want to convey? Our latest guest offers some advice to get you refocused.

We talked with Michael Hughes, former Communications Liaison for the National Transportation Safety Board. In this episode, he shares his four-pillar communication formula to empower leadership with transparent communication for frontline workers.


Listeners will learn:

  • 5:31: The four pillars to promote transparency with leadership to employees

  • 13:29: How to keep employees grounded in times of crisis

  • 19:30: The mechanism used to field employee concerns

  • 32:02: The one tip most internal communicators forget when doing virtual events


Special Resources:

  • If the Four Pillar structure sounded like something you could use, Michael has provided a guide summarizing what we discussed. You can download it for free here.

  • Findcourses, our sponsor for this episode, offers information, models, and practices with leadership training to improve your performance and relationships within your organization.

  • Searching for a way to send your leadership communications to your frontline workers? Cerkl Broadcast allows your teams to send targeted, sensitive executive comms and deliver them on each employees' preferred channel.


If you would like to chat with Michael on anything we discussed in today's episode, you can connect with him through LinkedIn.


Music provided by Bensound

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