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The Value of Internal Marketing - 7.4

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

While we often use the show to talk about, well, internal communications, today we’re shifting our focus to marketing. No, you didn’t mishear!

Our guest today, Anthony Perl, Director, Principal of Communications & Marketing Agency at CommTogether, will be sharing his latest findings over this past year. While some of these examples are from external marketing, you might be surprised to hear that the tactics being used to externally market your company can also be used to market internally.


What You'll Learn:

  • 04:41 - Changes in people-centered communication.

  • 11:29 - Paying attention to the interaction of your teammates.

  • 21:09 - Understanding the value of marketing internally.

  • 24:10 - How to properly develop and understand employee personas.


Important Links:

  • You can download the transcript for this episode right here.

  • To check out Anthony's one-on-one consulting as well as Better Biz content, you can find that all on his website here.

  • If you're interested in how Cerkl Broadcast can help your internal communication needs, you can learn more by heading over here.


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