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The Rise of Internal Comms Teams: A Blueprint to See Where You Need to Go - 4.6

With the world continuing to move at a rapid pace, it’s important for internal communicators to take the time to pause before moving forward. There’s power in taking a moment to step back and focus on what changes are needed for the new year. In this week’s episode, Pinaki Kathiari, owner of Local Wisdom gives his advice.

We’ll be looking at Pinaki’s blueprint that empowers internal communicators with the time and headspace to be a strategic force in their organizations. You’ll learn how to get your head above the water to properly plan for the new year. For the first time, we’ll be providing a visual version of our podcast episode! Head over to our YouTube channel to see the resources and slides Pinaki has provided to help us show our value from the inside out.

For the first time, we’re introducing a visual version of our podcast episode! Head over to our YouTube channel here to get the full story and visuals of our chat with Pinaki. It will be premiering on 10/27 at 1:00PM EST.


If you’d like a copy of the blueprint we discussed in today’s episode, you can download it for yourself right here. It has a recap of all the steps mentioned as well as the achievements and workday associated with each step.


If you’d like to talk with Pinaki on anything we discussed in the podcast, you can connect with him through LinkedIn.

To learn more in-depth about Pinaki's blueprint, check out Local Wisdom's blog post that provides in-depth information on five key elements that define each level of your internal communication maturity.


A special thank you to our season’s sponsors: Cerkl and ContactMonkey.

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