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The Professional and Personal Change Journey that Hit Home - 5.1

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We're starting a new journey as Season 5 of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast. This past year has blurred the professional and personal lives of not only our employees' lives but our own as well. Our first episode brings in two guests to share their change journey in dealing with this blur.

This week, we talk to Edward Ford and Ashley Morgan. They each share the professional and personal journey they had throughout the year and where they are now. We also tackle the issue of how to start and sustain conversations around DEI: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Listeners will learn:

  • 18:53 Questions to ask yourself before you start crafting messages around DEI.

  • 36:57 The guiding north star to use when approaching leadership to start and sustaining DEI efforts.

  • 27:22 The first 3 steps every internal communicator should take when beginning DEI communication.

  • 36:14 Where to start and what key questions to ask when crafting DEI communication.

  • 47:32 Insights on Black History Month.

  • 54:54 Heart-to-heart tips needed for DEI work.


If you need help beginning the conversation of DEI with your company, we've got you covered. Our DEI Communication 4 Step Planning Doc helps to map out the questions you should ask as you start to construct your conversation.

If you'd like to follow up with Edward Ford or Ashley Morgan, you can connect with them through LinkedIn.


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