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The New Strategic Mindset to Stay Focused, Build Credibility & Show Value -5.10

As internal communicators, we've proven our worth in times of crisis. Now that the crisis is subsiding, how can we continue to show our value and not revert back to the way we used to be viewed? Our latest guest offers his advice on making your work known.

We talked with Gary Ross, President of Inside Comms, on how to continue showing your value within the workplace. His advice will transform any order taker into the much-needed strategic coach that your business needs. Get ready to be transformed, stay focused, build credibility, & show value all along the way.


Listeners will learn:

  • 8:20 - What NOT to do when you start your strategic plan

  • 9:16 - How to become a business partner

  • 10:08 - How to filter comms requests

  • 12:39 - The framework needed to keep your plan on course

  • 16:11 - How to build value and credibility

  • 20:18 - How to tie your strategic plan to ROI

  • 24:30 - How and when to communicate your ROI

  • 27:37 - Order taker tips

  • 29:44 - The next steps after building business objectives

  • 31:56 - How to keep your plans on track and learn along the way


Special Resources:

  • If you enjoyed our conversation with Gary and would like to learn more about what we talked about, you can go to Gary's website as well as his e-learning website. Both have an array of tools for internal communicators at any level.

  • If you're currently looking for career opportunities within the internal communications field, Gary has also shared his Inside Comms Job Board.

  • What if you could create, edit and distribute all of your internal content from one, centralized platform? With Cerkl Broadcast, you can simplify and innovate your IC tech stack with their cross-channel comms approach.


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Gary Ross, you can contact him through LinkedIn and Twitter.


Music provided by Bensound

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