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Stop giving. The 10 secrets on how IC Pros pour into themselves and why you need to start.

The well is dry. After the year we've been through, there is nothing left to give. Parents, families, our kids, all of us are running on fumes. Many internal communicators that seem burned out, stressed out, and flat out exhausted have given to the point where they can't breathe or think.

Then there are the others. Did you know that not everyone is feeling the way we do? Yep, I tapped into my zen Internal Comms (IC) friends who are joy-filled, excited, and hopeful to get a glimpse of their secret to breathe again.

Secret 1: They pour into their own awareness.

They are aware of themselves, their ego, their emotions, how their emotions affect the energy in the room. Through meditation and relentless self-development, these pros are constantly aware and pour into their self-awareness to avoid victim-mentality and to be the architect of their own life and work.

Secret 2: They put their health first.

IC pros that pour into themselves are self-care junkies. They are the ones that drink the gallon of water per day, get 45 minutes of movement, light the soy candles, drink the protein shakes, cut back on processed foods, etc.

Secret 3: They have learned how to learn to be okay with the high/low emotions of this ride.

These pros have learned how to learn. Learning sucks. It sucks because learning can evoke feelings of shame and failure. IC Pros who pour into themselves have made the permanent mental mind-shift that life is all about learning and closing the gap between who you are now and who you have the potential to be.

Secret 4: They have a vision and stay focused.

IC Pros do not get distracted. They have a vision, are on a mission, and they stay focused. Typically I see these folks pick 3 top things to cross off their list each day. Slow and steady as she goes while being mindful, is their jam.

Secret 5: They abide by the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

IC Pros do not gossip or get involved in idle chit-chat. If it is not moving the needle or making team members or employees engage and see their worth, they want nothing to do with it.

Secret 6: They lean into their own passions and talents and seek others' talents to fill in the gaps.

These pros know their strengths and lean into them. On the flip side, they seek out those who have other talents needed and they know how to motivate, inspire, and synergize their team to keep producing and learning and growing.

Secret 7: They own their schedule.

IC Pros who pour into themselves set their own schedule and feel as if they have the autonomy to do so. If they want their day to start with a workout, so be it. If they are a parent who'd rather spend the early hours prepping their children for a busy day, so be it. If they are a newlywed and want to cuddle in bed with their new boo, so be it. They know when and how they work best and they stay in tune with where the energy flows. They also go to bed at a reasonable hour - sleep is a must.

Secret 8: They make playtime to innovate, lead, and be strategic.

IC Pros make time to think. They make time to listen, lead, and facilitate innovation within themselves and others. Because of this, they are not constantly drowning and complaining in their sea of work.

Secret 9: They have a weekly planning meeting with themselves.

IC Pros have a consistent weekly planning meeting with themselves. In this meeting they self reflect on what they learned, successes, opportunities for improvements, changes in mood, and they review each bucket of their life. These meetings help them catch their breath and know the exact right items to put on their to-do list to achieve their intentions and vision.

Secret 10: They own their brand.

IC Pros are aware of their own personal brand. These folks have organized their lives where they have aligned themselves with the inner details and bring those to life in magical, personalized ways.

Listen, life is a constant Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, constantly shifting and changing. The key is to become aware and try just one of the secrets on this list to begin the habit of pouring into yourself. The more you do this, the more people around you will benefit from your glowing overflow.

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