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Pull People Into Your Comms with Gamification - 5.13

As we continue to work remotely, it's understandable that our fellow employees may feel run-down or distracted. How can we change the way we deliver information so that our employees will actually read it? Make it fun, of course! Our latest guest shares how gamification changes the "game" for companies wanting to meaningfully engage their employees.

We had the pleasure of talking to Blair Bloomston, Partner and VP of Development at Game On Nation. She shares her MILE method that gives elements that help double down on the fun while creating meaningful messages to your employees. Blair will help you pull your employees closer to your content and virtual events by using gamification.


Listeners will learn:

  • 6:20 The MILE Method

  • 6:37 Examples of gamification

  • 8:00 How to incorporate the MILE strategy into your communications

  • 13:33 The 2 things to do when trying something new in a virtual setting

  • 15:28 3 rules when hosting events and using gamification

  • 19:28 How to prep your execs with confidence


Important Resources:


If you would like to continue the conversation with Blair Bloomston, you can get in touch with her on LinkedIn.


Music provided by Bensound.

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