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Meetings that Matter - 5.15

We all understand the importance of meetings. However, as we continue to go through the same routines, we may find that our meetings are losing their value. How can we get that value back while making them engaging to those who attend? Our latest guest offers his solution.

This week, we talk with Tony Kihl, the Director of Corporate Communications at the Cleveland Clinic. Tony shares how he enhanced his company's meeting structure to increase productivity and time savings for his employees. We also discuss how to collect data from your meetings, survey mistakes to learn from, and much more.


Listeners will learn:

  • 11:33 Learnings from Tony’s meeting survey of Apple employees

  • 12:47 Why you should audit your meetings

  • 13:52 How to collect data on your meetings

  • 18:01 Survey mistakes to learn from

  • 21:02 Tips to restructure your meetings

  • 24:42 The 10-minute tip you’ll want to implement in your next meeting

  • 26:11 The one thing to do before your meetings

  • Staying connected with your employees is more vital now than ever. Cerkl for Mobile allows you to send essential employees crisis communications straight to your employee, wherever they are.


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Tony Kihl, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.


Music Provided by Bensound.

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