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Making Company Culture the Bottom Line - 7.8

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

It’s no secret that employee and company culture are big topics on the show. We fully believe that healthy work culture is necessary for producing your best work. We’ve talked to several guests already explaining culture from all different angles, and yet we’ve been able to find one more person who has a unique take.

Today we’re chatting with Josh Levine, Author of the book “Great Mondays” and an Educator at the California College of the Arts. Josh shares his own research on where company culture stands today and how it affects the bottom line.


What You'll Learn:

  • 5:40 - Defining culture

  • 8:00 - Dunbar's number and company culture

  • 14:53 - Adding rituals to your company's culture

  • 20:32 - The 6 components of culture

  • 25:29 - Building relationships to have people do their best work


Important Links:

  • You can download the transcript for this episode right here.

  • If you'd like to sign up for Josh's newsletter "One Minute Mondays," buy the book "Great Mondays" or schedule a session with Josh, you can find everything you need on his website.

  • If you're interested in how Cerkl Broadcast can help your internal communication needs, you can learn more by heading over here.


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