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Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast - Season 5 Trailer

2020 has been a world-changing year. As we move into 2021, we'll tackle topics facing our listeners. Our season covers DEI, keeping a diverse and remote connected, building a technology roadmap, perfecting cross channel communications, navigating the art and science of strategic planning, and more.

Our first episode premieres on 02/23 and will feature DEI through the professional and personal change journies of Ashley Morgan, Director Internal Communications for European Wax Center, and Edward Ford, Senior Director of Client Engagement at Medidata Solutions.

For our fifth season, we put ourselves in the shoes of our listening audience. As always, our topics are based on listener input and feedback. Get ready for a season full of experts, advice, and resources to help navigate the complex art and science of the internal comms industry.

Our first episode goes live on 02/23!

Our season features over 20 guests. Below are the guests featured in this trailer.

Stephen Jones, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at United Airlines

Edward Ford, Senior Director of Client Engagement at Medidata Solutions

Ashley Morgan, Director of Internal Communications at European Wax Center

Ann Melinger, CEO at Brilliant Ink

Michael Hughes, Public Affairs Specialist for the US. Department of Homeland Security

Jessica Schaeffer, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at LaSalle Network

Tarek Kamil, CEO and Founder of Cerkl

Vanessa Schroeder, Global Employee Communications & Employee Experience and Engagement Associate at Citrix



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Stephen Jones: So I know you're tired. I'm tired. I believe this has been one of the most difficult years to be in internal communications.

Sara Jackson: It’s a season like no other on Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast. The professional and personal lines of our lives, of our employees lives are officially blurred.

Edward Ford: The death of Brianna Taylor had happened, there was no charges that were filed against those officers. And then you had a Ahmaud Arbery's murder and then you had George Floyds murder at the end of May. The kind of snowball of all of that really came to a head. And it was very difficult in the household because I was reacting to it.

Ashley Morgan: And it's funny because a lot of times as communicators, we write something for other audiences and we have to put ourselves in the shoes of that audience. And it was different this time because I was now that audience.

Sara: We walk in all the shoes, don’t we? The shoes of our fellow employees, the shoes of leadership, the shoes of our customer. The internal comms pro collective has put ourselves in your shoes and we’ve listened. - We’ve heard you and this season we’re tackling the most pressing topics facing you right now.

Ann Melinger: Leadership is not designated by your title. And I just thought, this is it. This is a moment of reckoning.

Michael Hughes: As communicator's one of the principles of being a good communicator, you've got to prepare now for what you don't might not know what happens in the future.

Jessica Schaeffer: It's OK if you've got kids crying or dogs barking or all the things that are happening in your home.

Sara: Home - our collective is here and in our home over the coming weeks we open up about our fears, our failures. This season, We get real, honest, and up close and personal like never before.

Sara: Did you have a crush like all the other guys in the world on Elizabeth Shue when you were growing up?

Stephen: Well, absolutely.

Tarek Kamil: The three main ingredients that you really need to disrupt and innovate, which are empathy, empowerment and early I.T. support.

Stephen: But just because you introduce a new channel doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to solve your internal communication problem. If you're a communicator and you know you have a problem, consider a technology roadmap, not a magic bullet.

Vanessa Schroeder: I think it's time that. It's internal communicator's raise their hand and say, this is how we can help and this is what we do today and this is what we can do in the future.

Sara: It all starts February 23rd.

Outro: Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast is produced by The Internal Comms Pro Collective. To learn more visit

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