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Influential Internal Communication:The Must Have Book for Every Internal Communicator in 2021 - 5.18

We're wrapping up our 5th season of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast. It has been such a fun and educational journey for us, and we're happy you could be there for it every step of the way. We wanted to wrap up our season with a guest you probably remember hearing earlier this season, but who has more insight to share on the internal comms world.

We talked to Jenni Field on her latest book "Influential Internal Communication." We cover highlights such as the need to define internal communications within your organization, core challenges for organizations to be aware of, how to fill your professional skill gap, and much more.


Listeners will learn:

  • 6:01 The need to define internal communications within your organization

  • 8:16 Core challenges for organizations to be aware of

  • 15:48 How to fill your professional skill gap

  • 21:24 Why culture as the rhythm of your organization

  • 27:43 Why gaining influence is your responsibility

  • 31:00 How Covid19 disrupted the rhythm of organizations and the internal comms industry as a whole

  • 35:36 How to make time to become more strategic

  • 39:02 Where internal comms is headed in the next 5 years and how to prepared


Important Resources:

  • If you enjoyed our discussion, you'll love Jenni's new book! You can purchase it here and use our special code "IIC20" to get a discount!

  • Jenni has her own podcast which she hosts with her friends Advita and Trudy. Tune in to Calm Edged Rebels to hear more internal comms pros discuss personal issues you might be facing.

  • Internal communicators like you have held your companies together and kept your employees safe. Using Cerkl Broadcast's cross-channel employee communications tools allows you to simplify your communications messaging and deployment.


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Jenni Field, you can get in contact with her through LinkedIn.


Music provided by Bensound

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