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IC Disruption: Innovating Your Cross Channel Digital Strategy - 5.8

2020 was a different year for internal communicators for a variety of reasons. Your company may still be trying to figure out how to navigate this new time. However, what if we were to tell you that these changes may have been a blessing in disguise for you and your company? Our guests for this week share the positives they've found throughout this past year.

In this episode, we talk with Kristen Spillane and Vanessa Schroeder from Citrix, as well as Tarek Kamil from Cerkl. We discuss how 2020 provided lightning rod moments that cracked open doorways for disruption (in a good way) in internal communications like never before. Learn how to transform your internal communications digital strategy in a way that provides a more personalized experience your employees long for.


Listeners will learn:

  • The questions Citrix asked during their cycle of analysis and evaluation - 13:17

  • When to involve IT during the innovation journey - 18:00

  • The three main ingredients you need to disrupt and innovate - 19:59

  • What is Cerkl and how is this innovating internal communication industry - 30:56

  • Why internal communication is more complex than marketing - 38:35

  • The hallmarks of a great vendor relationship - 42:54

  • How to communicate your successes along the road of disruption and innovation - 49:22

  • Power questions to ask your CEO - 51:08

  • Lesson learned when deploying new technology - 54:57


Special Resources

  • Like we mentioned at the end of the episode, Cerkl has offered their 2021 Cross-Channel Communications Worksheet. Click here to download it!

  • Our sponsor (and in this episode, guest) Tarek Kamil from Cerkl provided some great insight in today's episode. If you're interested in including Cerkl in your company strategy, take a look at their website!


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Tarek Kamil, Kristen Spillane, or Vanessa Schroeder, you can connect with them through LinkedIn.


Music Provided by Bensound

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