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How this One-Person team Elevated their Internal Comms and Engaged Employees Globally - 4.8

Measurement is key to tracking any kind of success in your company. Showing what you’ve measured will help people take the work you’ve done seriously, which in turn leads to more budget. This and much more are discussed in today’s episode.

On this episode of Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast, we talk with Scott Pielsticker, the Founder and CEO of ContactMonkey. We also talk with one of their clients, Corey Kachigan, Lead for Communications and Engagement at Exemplis. We discuss the importance of measurement and how it can always get you a seat at the table. We also share the importance of little victories and how you shouldn’t underestimate them.


As mentioned in the podcast episode, Corey has shared a sample Captains Corner email her team uses to stay connected. Give it a look down below!


If you’d like to talk with Scott on anything we discussed in the podcast, you can connect with him through LinkedIn. If you’d like to get in touch with Corey, you can also contact her through LinkedIn.


A special thank you to our season’s sponsors: Cerkl and ContactMonkey.

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