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Change Communications and the Future of IC - 5.17

One of the biggest pieces of news in the internal communications world was Slack being acquired by Salesforce. We were curious as to how Slack's internal communications team was handling this big news and delivering it to their fellow employees. Luckily, we were able to connect with the experts and even collaborated via the Slack platform to produce this episode.

This week, we talked with Jessica Bauer and Amanda Atkins on how they handled this big change. They walk us through their planning, communication, and execution of delivering news to others in an efficient way. We also discuss the super power every ICPro needs, what you should know about integration planning, and so much more.


Listeners will learn:

  • 11:22 - The super power every ICPro needs

  • 24:24 - Elements of a change communication plan

  • 24:56 - What you should know about integration planning

  • 29:45 - Executing a digital strategy during an acquisition and a pandemic

  • 35:00 - How to paint a data picture

  • 41:42 - The future of internal communication - what to watch for


Special Resources:

  • If you enjoyed our podcast conversation, then you'll love this article from Amanda Atkins! Give it a read to learn a modern leader's guide to organizational transparency.

  • You can't afford to have remote employees in the dark, grasping for information. Cerkl Broadcast's cross-channel employee communications tool can make sure your employees are seeing the right message at the right time.


If you'd like to continue the conversation with Jessica Bauer or Amanda Atkins, you can find them both on LinkedIn.


Music Provided by Bensound

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