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5 Ingredients to Planning an Engaging Virtual Event - 5.7

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

As we continue to do conduct work virtually, we have many different experiences we need to convert to a virtual setting. One of these is virtual events. Sure, you're probably used to doing virtual events by now, but have you noticed a difference in your employees? Are they attentive, do you feel your time is being well spent, or do you just feel like something is missing? Our latest guest discusses how he tackled these questions for himself.

On this episode, we talked with Chad Littlefield, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me Inc. He's had plenty of experience with designing in-person and virtual events, working alongside JetBlue, Starbucks, and Johnson & Johnson in helping them redesign their event plans. Chad shares with us how to create connection before content and in the end, help you connect with your audience.


Listeners will learn:

  • 2:55 The one question to ask yourself before starting an event

  • 8:23 Key Ingredient 1: The way to start your event

  • 13:44 Key Ingredient 2: The Context Hook

  • 19:35 Key Ingredient 3: The 3 elements to create connection before content

  • 24:44 Key Ingredient 4: Consumption vs contribution - which one to use

  • 27:00 Key Ingredient 5: How to wrap up your event


Special Resources:

  • Chad has plenty of resources on what we talked about and he's more than happy to share them with you! You can find several of the tools mentioned on his website. For more tips and tricks to help fine-tune your event, check out his YouTube channel!

  • We'd love to hear your feedback on ICPro and our podcast! If you refer a friend to subscribe to our newsletter or leave a rating to our podcast, we'll put you in a drawing to get a free resource from Chad. Use the Contact Us form on our website to let us know which of the options you did and we'll add your name to the drawing.

  • Looking to get attendance up for your virtual events? It all starts with inviting the right people. With Cerkl Broadcast, you can directly invite target segments across every IC channel. Take a look at their website to learn more.


If you'd like to follow up with Chad Littlefield on anything discussed in today's episode, you can contact him through LinkedIn.


Music provided by Bensound

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