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5 Comms Planning Templates for the Internal Communicator

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

You've grabbed your "seat at the table" and now your CEO wants a Comms Plan in 2 weeks.

You are thinking, "What type of plan?" A high-level plan, a detailed strategic plan with metrics, or a project plan designed for collaboration?

Below are 5 communication planning templates designed for various needs of an internal communicator.

Communication Plan Template - When planning a project, you play an essential role in leading the communication around the project. This plan empowers you to collaborate with others and to identify the language, message, tasks, and timeline. Not only does this keep you on track, but it allows other team members to hop on and stay on the same page as you work on the project together. This guide maps out specific parts of the communication plan to consider, as well as key questions to ask yourself as you plan out your messaging. We have this as a doc and docx file.

High-Level Plan - Visuals often make information easier to understand. This template provides a high level, 100,000-foot view of the timeline and projects your team is tackling. A great plan to show leadership so they can quickly understand what is on your plate by sparing them the weedy details.

Message Map & Editorial Calendar - Much like the Communication Plan Template, these sheets are a way to plan messaging for special projects. Using the different pages, you can specify internal social campaigns, what links you want to include, and even what type of content you're promoting. It's a great way to put everything you need for internal social media planning and internal channels you are using in one place. This is the structure we use for external social media at ICPro, but internal communicators may find this guide easy to tweak for internal use. We have this as an xlsx and docx file.

IC Service Delivery & Support Plan - This plan is designed for small teams who need to prioritize asks from all departments. Quick and to the point, this document can help layout your service delivery and support plan so that everyone has a clear understanding of the level of support your team can provide.

Virtual Events 101 - For those wanting to try a virtual event but need some help understanding the technology side of things, this guide provides advice for how to check your connections and design things in ways your audience will appreciate.

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