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2020 Internal Comms Channel Audit

An internal communications audit is an extensive process that uses a lot of departmental resources. More substantial organizations sometimes bring in communications consultants to execute them. Though, if you’re a big HGTV kind of person, we know you want to go the DIY route instead.

To kick-off your audit the right way, take a look at your department’s channels.

Between the content that you manage via email, intranet, social, print, digital signage- ok, we’re exhausted just typing that sentence. There are more IC channels than anyone can handle.

It’s not your fault; employees have individual delivery preferences and consume their content in different ways.

If your content output is high but your open and click rates are low, it may be because you’re not hitting the right people at the right time. That’s why we’ve put together an interactive worksheet, so you can gain employee insights and focus your department’s resources.

With our interactive worksheet, you’ll:

  • outline all of your department’s channels and mediums.

  • measure the frequency of each platform.

  • receive suggested employee survey questions.

  • have a personalized downloadable audit to share within your organization.

We hope that this worksheet can help your team identify which channels your employees enjoy the most. Instead of wasting hours on something that has low engagement, turn up the volume on the content that has your employees’ interest.

This content is sponsored by Cerkl, an official sponsor of Internal Comms Pro.

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