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An Expert Collective for

Internal Communicators

Elevate your comms to the pro level.



You've up-leveled your network.

Our collective provides internal communicators with a pedigree of peers that know how to navigate the art and science of the

internal comms industry.   

With our podcast as center stage, we design listening experiences accompanied by resources that will quickly take your internal communication to the next level.

Get ready to get above the work, drive value, and lead from the inside out.

Internal Comms Pro:
The Podcast

Our internal communications podcast choreographs a stellar listening experience designed to inspire and teach listeners how to take their employee communications to the next level.

Resource Library

Our up to date member-exclusive collection of IC resources and templates are designed to upgrade the employee experience. Stop questioning yourself.

Our free resources have the answer.


Need a technology road map, remote work playbook, updated strategic plan, or the latest DEI framework?

Our blog features the latest articles, expert advice, and guides that pull and connect your employees to your comms without drowning your team in the process.


While we’re not meeting in person just yet, we offer a variety of virtual events hosted by us and our fellow colleagues. Our IC events allow you to connect face to face with experts worldwide all from the comfort of your couch.


All your experts in one place.

Due to their generous support, we are able to provide best-in-class internal comms resources at no cost to you.  

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