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Employee Onboarding: Enhance the Experience - 3.8

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

In our time spent social distancing, employee onboarding is a process that still needs to be thought through for many companies. How can you make onboarding an engaging and connecting experience for your new employees? In this episode, Lise Harwin from Port of Portland shares her journey on how she and her team took their company's onboarding process to a whole new level. Learn how to give your HR department value by enhancing your employee onboarding experience.

To learn how to engage and onboard new and remote employees, download Lise's employee touchpoint map here.

To keep up with Lise Harwin, you can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Special thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Cerkl. Learn more about their cross-channel internal communications solution, Broadcast, and how through HRIS integration and rule-based segmentation it ensures that every onboarded employee are on correct lists.

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