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Clear Communication with a Hybrid Workforce - 6.2

As we're settling into a new normal, remote and hybrid work environments are becoming more prevalent. How can you keep up with your clear employee communication when everything feels like it's shifting?

We chat with Clifton Johnson, Senior Managing Director at Teach for America. Working in a hybrid environment himself, Clif shares how his company handles their communications and offers tips on how you can start planning your own method.

We're continuing our new segment with Ragan's Communications Leadership Council with Halley Knigge, Director of Co-op Communications at REI. We focus on remote work as Halley explains how they've used this new normal to drive success for both her company and her customers.


Episode Highlights:

  • 12:30 - Having data and measurable results to back up your claims.

  • 15:44 - Getting valuable data and insight from simple communication.

  • 18:23 - Start, Stop, Continue.

  • 21:03 - Give yourself permission to do a quick check.

  • 32:57 - The purpose of communication tools.

  • 42:07 - Facilitate the process, not the answers.


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