COVID-19 Resources

With the world constantly changing as new news and developments on the coronavirus come to light, we want to help. You’ll find all of our resources here on what you can do as an internal communicator to stay on top of your work while continuing to stay safe.


Bookmark This! Working from Home Addition

Article - Want a few more tips on how to make the most of your time while working from home? Sharlyn Lauby shares her ideas and articles to help!

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Avoiding Virtual Insanity

Article - Remote meetings can seem like a hassle. Learn so fun tricks on how to make your meetings more engaging.

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How to do Whatever it Takes

Article - Learn from Rachel Miller how she goes about her day and how to develop a routine that works for you.

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4 Leadership Communication Techniques to use during the Pandemic

Article - Michael DesRochers shares how to make your communication clear and effective during this hectic time.

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Fighting the Other Pandemic: Misinformation

Article - Learn how to spot the difference between real and false information, and how to keep an eye on the news that matters.

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COVID-19 Webinars for ICPros

Event - Want to connect with other internal communicators for advice and support? Check out the multiple events happening to connect and inspire ICPros.

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Observing Workplace Compliance During a Crisis

Article - Learn the laws of working remotely and how to encourage your employees as they're away from the office.

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Remote Work During Coronavirus: Leadership Matters

Article - Meghan M. Biro shares how to boost your teammates' moral and lead them down the path of success.

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Communicating COVID-19 to Your Employees

Article - Get a quick reminder on crisis management as your team continues to shift to a remote work situation.

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Breaking News Podcast: 7 C's Communication COVID-19

Podcast - Hear from Karine Stallings as she gives tips on the best ways to communicate with your employees.

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Covering COVID-19

Article - Learn from Jim Ylisela how journalists are stepping up their storytelling game when it comes to covering the virus.

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Helpful How-Tos for the Transition to Remote Work

Article - The Slack team offers advice on how to transition to effective online communication with your teammates.

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Best Practices for Working from Home

Article - Get some helpful tips on how to make a smooth transition from working in the office to the comfort of your own home.

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How to Communicate COVID-19 Working Patterns

Article - Rachel Miller shares how to communicate with your employees during this new time and how to get yourself in the right mindset.

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Health Care Organizations Rally to Dispense COVID-19 Information

Article - Learn from Russell Working how organizations are combating fear with facts and how you can stop the spread of misinformation.

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Free Crisis Communication Guide

Guide - Gain advice on how to communicate with your team during a crisis.

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Canceling over Coronavirus: Should your Event go on?

Article - Russell Working shares why it's better to cancel your events and the alternatives you can use instead of meeting in person.

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How to Create a Coronavirus Policy for Your Intranet

Article - Learn what things you should and shouldn't include in your company's coronavirus policy.

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How to Use Tech to Communicate with Employees during COVID-19

Article - Rachel Miller shares the best ways to communicate to your employees while working remotely.

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3 Ideas to Drive Employee Engagement During Difficult Times

Article - Check out 3 steps from keynote speaker Michael Brenner on how to energize your employees during this tough time.

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5 Steps to Prep Coronavirus Messaging for Key Audiences

Article - Learn from ragan how to stay flexible, empathetic, and understanding during policy adjustments.

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